Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 18

This is where I think I might be crazy. I had always just done this and never thought it was weird until I actually had to type the words...
Anyway, this is 

Day 18 - Something We Don't Know About You

I have my books on the shelf chronologically by publishing date, and by author. I also had dust jackets on all of them...yes I am a geek. After I typed those words when I posted to Instagram I thought it sounded a tad creepy. I went to my room and started taking off the dust jackets and restyling the shelves. I can't go completely the opposite direction with this and I have too many books for my shelves to be technically "beautifully styled" but hey...they are BOOK shelves right? They are supposed to hold books ;)

Sorry about the light flare...these shelves are on either side of a window seat in our master bedroom and it's difficult to photograph them during the day. After doing all the restyling I was told that because nothing was alphabetical that no one would've known about my sickness because the shelves didn't "look" like I was OCD...oh well ;)

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