Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Tale of Two Pieces

Have I mentioned that I LOVE furniture?
No, really I am actually obsessed! It bodes well for my job for sure, but it can also be considered an occupational hazard. I end up wanting to keep so many pieces. I've had to start telling myself "no" a lot more lately. 
That's why I love client pieces so much. It's not something I found and bought because I loved it, it already has a home and I just get to be creative and have fun.

Adorable little wash stand - but it needed some love

Pretty mirror, with a crazy loud paint job. Just needed a little sprucing up!

We are selling our house right now, so all of my pictures are quick and most of them are taken with my phone. I know, bad little blogger! But, we do what we must.

I love the worn texture the mirror has and the two colors make it so dynamic.
Now as for the wash stand, I snapped these pictures with my phone very quickly on the sidewalk in front of my clients house as I dropped the pieces off. Someone was viewing our house at the time and I had furniture, boxes, and children all smushed into my car. Like I said, we do what we must!

I kind of fell in love with Annie Sloan's Old Ochre with this piece and the mirror. 
It was a quick turn around with some fun pieces and the client was very happy and that always makes me very happy as well.

Now on to the next 27 million things...it's never dull here folks ;)

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