Monday, April 8, 2013

Kids Bath

This project was a turning point for me. This was when I found my own personal style of decor. When we moved into this house I was 5 months pregnant with my daughter and my son was 16 months old. This is our first home and I was in love with having a first home. 
This was the tiny little bathroom between the children's rooms.
There will be a million pictures, sorry about that. But, we love pictures so it should all be okay.

Builder basic yellow oak, a giant shower (no tub for washing babies), linoleum, and laminate. But, it was clean and a second bathroom which were both pluses as far as we were concerned.

Then I got super sick of it. All of us used the master bath for bathing and I was sick of moving bath toys out of the way whenever I wanted a relaxing bath. So, while my husband was at the fire station I just ripped out the wall above the shower.
We needed to know where the drain was located so we could put a budget together for the bathroom and I could be realistic about what we could put back into the space.
So my husband came home to this:

It stayed that way for a while. Then I went to town with the reciprocating saw and tore out the whole thing.

The shower base was heavy! I didn't think it would be because it was fiberglass, but man that was hard work all by my petite lonesome!!!

Me and my baby girl grouting

Me laying tile and the unfortunate red hair phase I went through

Even before grout I was enamored with my tile job!

So after 18 months of starting and stopping, problems with plumbing, burning my fingers on a just torched pipe under the sink, and finding 8 inches of wasted space behind a wall - I was finally finished!!!

Something sentimental for Dylan

And for Jade

Ending with one of the best things of all: A pencil drawing of a lighthouse done by my very talented niece Erin. 
This renovation sparked me finding my own style and taught me that I could do anything I wanted myself. I could have things like pine v-groove panelling, marble, mosaic tile, and Kohler even on the tiniest of budgets.

It inspired me to tackle other things in my home and make it a place just for us!

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