Friday, April 5, 2013

Little "Girlie" Things

It really is the little things that make me smile these days.
My son running up and hugging me, he's 9 now and such affection is rare!
My daughter asking me when she will be old enough to audition for The Voice...she's 7.
But most of all, it's when I see them helping each other out. Jade reading Dylan a book or Dylan making Jade chocolate milk. Those moments make me smile.
Especially in light of the fact that they are both at a time in their lives where they would rather fight each other or tattle. WEARS ME OUT!
But being almost completely finished with a space makes me feel that same joy.

Ruffled lampshades

A sweetly made bed

The amazing texture and pattern on her pillows:
purple glass beads, satin, tweed, linen, and velvet...oh my!

Lovely painted lines and curves of an antique chair

Vintage botanical prints that belonged to my mother that didn't have to be re-matted or framed because my mother already had them like this.

The things she pins to her board, the crazy cluttered desk, and the guitar that seems to sustain her very life these days. Cannot imagine what we are going to deal with when she is a teenager!

And a little sign that I hand painted for my Duchess

It's an Audrey Hepburn quote that is so sweet and so true. 
"I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls."
I hope my Jade will always remember it. She is such a happy little girl and I pray she stays that way always!

*The sign started out with a blank 18"X18" canvas
*I painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Emile
*I then used a white pencil and traced stencils (found at Hobby Lobby)
*I filled in the letters with cream paint that matches the trim in her room and an angle brush
*Followed that with a cream fine tipped paint pen (honestly should've thought of that first because an artist I am NOT)
*I used polished nickel nail head tacks and hammered them into the wood frame of the canvas to add just a little sparkle and detail.

There you have it! A custom painted canvas quote for far less than having one custom made ;)

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