Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mine! Well, Maybe Not...

Have you ever gone back and forth on a project? You want the piece because you want to redo it and sell it. Then you get it in your home and decide that maybe you need to keep it. For me, it was as simple as it provided more storage that I desperately needed - as well as being pretty.

Sitting in my garage I was thinking about how to paint it to appeal to the masses...
30 minutes later, it was in my living room and I had spent the entire time rearranging all the other furniture so I could make it fit!

It took some convincing the husband, but he said it could stay. I can be pretty persuasive when I want to be ;)
So the next thing you know, it's being painted in my color scheme and stuffed full of my grandmother's milk glass.

Then, one of my closest friends calls to tell me about a house for sale in her neighborhood.

So, in one weekend, I ceased working on all personal projects and took the china cabinet to be stored and staged my home for it to be put on the market. Planning, of course, to use this china cabinet in my (hopefully) new house...
Here we are a mere two weeks since all of that took place. We are moving in just over 3 weeks, our house sold crazy fast, and my real estate agent found me a china cabinet that matches my buffet.

This all means that the china cabinet pictured above is now for sale. No, I'm not finished painting it yet. The exterior is old white by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and for now the interior is Provence. The reason I'm listing it for sale before it is finished is because I need it to be sold before the move takes place. I am willing to let whomever buys it pick the interior color if they want it to be changed.

Please visit Peacock Door Designs facebook page to find out all the details.

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