Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fun and Fabulous Chairs

I have a thing for chairs. Always have…it's a sickness really. I don't particularly mind this sickness though. Specific things I look for in chairs are interesting shapes, comfort, and great legs. I'm a sucker for furniture legs!
My super sweet client has a great eye as well and brought me these awesome chairs, table, and lamp to make over for one of her daughters.

(I lost my before picture of the harp table, so this is a random image of the same style table from google images)

We looked for fun and funky fabrics that would update the style of the chairs but keep them sophisticated.
I stripped off the old upholstery, painted and distressed the frames.

Little details like this make me so happy!

 The lamp was just really rusted and flaky. I wire brushed it to get rid of all of the loose paint and then gave it a few coats of fresh paint. I then rewired it.

 As you can tell, I only completed one of the chairs with the table and lamp. I'm still learning how to schedule things and let's just say I over booked myself like crazy! A few weeks later I completed the second chair and two lumbar pillows and delivered them. Thankfully I have amazing clients that are VERY understanding!

The morning I delivered the final chair and pillows I only beat the rain by 15 minutes! Whew!!! I wanted to keep these chairs. Those of you that know me know that these chairs are in my signature colors and would look fabulous in my house. Even better though, was that my client loved them very much and was extremely pleased. That is always the goal!

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