Monday, June 22, 2015

Parade of Homes: Turquoise and Nickel Chandelier

It's the end of the Parade of Homes and it has been so fun! I hope you were all able to go out to Oakmont and see this gorgeous home!
Guys! I'm a bit ridiculously proud of this bit of work. Sometimes you complete something and it doesn't matter how many things you've completed before that were similar. It doesn't even matter how much you loved those pieces and still do love those pieces…this new piece just makes you so proud of your own work. This is that piece for me.
I've transformed several different things into light fixtures in just this past year alone, but this was the first time I made a light fixture completely from scratch!

My client knew she wanted something fun and original for her youngest daughter's room. We looked and looked, sending each other pictures and nothing really hit us as THE fixture until this light:

It was almost perfect.
This fixture had an antique brass finish, antique mirrors, and was a bit on the expensive side.
I knew we were going for a more modern spin, cooler toned metals in this room, and not to spend so much. So I proposed that I could make it. 

My quick sketch below:

So, here we go. I started by gathering all of my parts.

The frame

The center piece (custom work by Vance Gilstrap)

Almost all of the gorgeous nickel lighting parts

Yes, this was a handmade piece. I strung and glued every single piece of turquoise on this chandelier.

I wired up the light after putting it together.

I sat in a chair and watched Friends for hours while doing this.

I cannot even explain my joy when it was complete and looked so amazing. You can get a better sense of scale when you see it sitting the front seat of my car. It is NOT small.

Sneak peek with it on in the room

I love this light! I've already had requests for more in different colors.

I know these last two pictures are really too big for my blog page, but I really don't care. It's totally worth seeing enlarged like this!

It may be completely dorky, but every time I see this light I think, "I MADE that!"
Sleek lines, nickel finish, small round bulbs all equals awesomeness! 

I hope you guys have all enjoyed seeing these spaces that I worked on for my amazing client and this Parade Home.

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