Friday, June 19, 2015

Parade of Homes: Custom Soft Goods

I once heard Sarah Richardson say that in any given space she uses between 10-12 different fabrics. I have always loved her spaces. If you've followed me for any amount of time you know that she is my favorite. She's who I want to emulate style wise. So when I was asked to make pillows and help find a fabric scheme for the parade home, I knew that I would be mixing a lot of pattern. I searched for fabrics for a while. I found some that were good but not awesome. Then my client found some awesome fabrics and I went through them and picked the ones I felt would go best together. She loved them and we snatched up the fabrics!

When the first four came in, I was giddy! How gorgeous are these?!?

The stack of forms seemed a tad overwhelming at first.

But after the first one was together I flew through these pillows!!!

I also made the window seat cushion.

It was a fun feel for this little girl's room. Pattern, pops of color, a lot of texture. Several of the pillows are double sided as well, so you can have a different look whenever you want. Mix and match at it's best!



Next was a project that I was very excited to complete! Fabric backed bookcases.
This is something I LOVE! The key fabric for the room that had every single color in it was the butterfly fabric. We wanted it to be a big statement and it is!

gorgeous built-ins all plain and white

Beautiful for sure, and I think almost everyone knows how much I love white!
But, I amped them up for this boho chic/mod space!

I mean…come on! That is so precious!!!

Putting piping on the lower section just makes it look so polished!

This room is so adorable! I'm in love with the colors and patterns. It's such a joyful space!

It was such a blast to do the soft goods for this space! I love it and even better, so does my client!

Stay tuned and visit again on Monday to find the final installment for the Parade of Homes work that I completed this year!

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