Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dress Pillow

Sometimes there are items of clothing that you just can't seem to let go of. I am that way with a lot of Jade's things. I don't know if it's because they are just super cute or if it's because she's my baby and I'm just trying to hang onto everything more because of that.
Anyway there was this dress...such a sweet little dress and she loved it.

Look at the little Duchess!!!

Had to throw this one in too - sometimes they love each other!

Jade was 4 years old when she wore this dress. When she finally got too tall for it I just couldn't let it go. I had thought about modifying it and making it into a shirt for her, but then what would I do when she outgrew the shirt?
It hit me then that the fabric went great with my living room colors. Immediately I was thinking of a pillow.

Decisions, decisions...when it came to trying to decide where to put which fabric I struggled a bit. There were just so many fun options. When I finally settled on the scheme, I got to work.

First I cut it to size and ruffled the sequin section I had cut off the bottom. I pinned it in place and then sewed it to the front of the pillow.

Fun little side view before it was finished

This is the chair it will sit in - and no, the chair is NOT staying this way. More on that later though.


So now I will have the dress forever. Not to mention a pretty cute little pillow as well.

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