Thursday, February 14, 2013

Evolution of a Little Girl's Room

Way back when we found out we were going to have a little girl, I was nervous. I'm NOT a pink person! All the nursery bedding stuff was so pink and I hated a lot of it. I didn't want pink walls and I certainly didn't want that little girl outfitted in pink from curls to toes all the time. So, I found something I could tolerate and went with it. Yes, there was pink in it. I just tried to play up the other colors more. The walls went peach and I used words like "raspberry"to disguise even to myself that there was pink in the room. I fell in love with this room!

My mom made that crib skirt - couldn't you just die for all those satin ruffles?!?

It was so very Jade Reese! Then, when it came time to make it into a big girls room, I went in search of fabrics that went with those colors. I thought, why not just grow with it?

But my daughter wanted to earn her big girl room and pick her own colors...Yes, she wanted pink and purple and my stomach turned. Could I do it and not hate it? I had wanted to do a color scheme that would last until she was at least 12.

It was many many paint samples and a lot of talking myself into it when we had this new "big girl" room.

When it was finished I thought it was cute. I could see the appeal and I know that it looked pretty, but it wasn't what I had envisioned and I KNEW that she would want it to be more grown up sooner rather than later.
It happened. Sooner came and she said it was "too little girl for me now Mama. Maybe we can just paint the walls and it will look better?" I love that she is only 7 and tries to offer cheaper design solutions. It makes me smile. The only issue was that I actually really and truly fell in love with her drapes and I couldn't change everything completely because I refuse to change her drapes. Work with what you've got and make it look more mature.

It's an ongoing project but here is a sneak peek of what is coming. Yes, we are neutralizing the wall colors and that will help greatly! But, neutralizing the bedding happened faster because I had most things on hand. I made her a new duvet cover and modified her toss pillows in a day. Sewing while client work paint was drying. I'm getting great at stacking projects to make the most of my time.

Pink and purple are staying. Purple and the duck egg blue are the main focus now. The fabric choice is much more mature as well. I can see this lasting for a long time.
 It will be a much better space for this mama as well. The walls were killing me slowly. It all adds up to my little girl not being quite so little anymore though. I still can't believe she's so big.

And we have one super happy little girl! I love how excited she is about her new things. We're planning the room together this time and she has good suggestions now that she's older. I love that little Duchess!

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