Friday, February 8, 2013

My Everest!

This is probably my longest post ever, sorry about that but you will understand why. 
Way back in August of 2011, I was new to Pinterest. I was addicted to it really. I hear I'm not the only one that was like that in the beginning. It just sucked me right in and was awesome, but a huge time waster really. I can occasionally still get sucked in to the time warp that is Pinterest. However, there was one thing that stood out to me a lot and I wanted to do it SO badly!

I saw this:

It was from Better Homes and Gardens and it's been so long that the link didn't even take me to the craft page on the site. 

I loved the idea of this and I had the perfect place for it too. I have this quote over our bed and I had put it on the wall back when I had our walls a different color. I loved the quote and wanted less of that color on our walls so I taped it off and left it. Well, this wreath idea suddenly turned into a frame idea.

The quote over our bed

Then plan the entire time I was making this was for it to frame this quote. 

I learned a LOT of things while I was doing this. Things like, always find out the actual size of what you're looking at. The above wreath is about 8-10 inches. I was thinking larger when I saw it. I also learned that I cannot to incredibly tedious work for long periods of time without going a little looney! 

I started with this:

It's styrofoam that I cut into strips and fashioned into a frame. I then wrapped it with an old white sheet. Getting started I was so excited!!!

I have about 7 million pictures from all the different sessions of working on this. I soon realized that this was going to be huge. Epic, monumental, Everest!
I had used things I had on hand to make the frame, but the glue sticks and pearls were a different story. I only bought the pearls when they were half price or I had a coupon. I used gift cards or would dash into the store for one or two packages here and there. Spread out over 2 years and 5 months is didn't seem so bad!
Then I added it up: 2 years and 5 months, 59 glue sticks, $468 in half price pearls, 77 hours of work...if I only charged for supplies and $10/hour (which is way cheap) I would still have to charge $1238.00 for this piece. 
I will NOT make another one of these ever!!!
Oh but it is Epic!

Back to the quote. A week ago, my daughter was jumping on the bed (a no-no) and fell backward into the wall. When she came crying to me she had an "m" and a "." stuck to her little arm. I think I cried too. I don't have a vinyl cutter or the capabilities to be artistic and hand paint the words so beautifully. I tried to re-stick the pieces...but it just wouldn't work.
What was I going to do?

I don't stay down long though. I just see this as an opportunity to do something different with our bedroom. I already have plans swarming!

So here it is in all its epic glory. I'm in love. It looks good in pictures, but it's oh so amazing in person!

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