Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shauna's Game Table

I love it when plans seem to be working out. When suddenly all the pieces seem to fall together and there are blessings all around. I feel that way right now. I'm feeling blessed, business is picking up and I'm loving what's happening around here. I love what I do! 
My friend Shauna found a cute little drop-leaf table and wanted to use it as a games table in their den. It was pretty severely water damaged and she had loved my new dining table so it was time to stripe again.
This is what I had to work with. It's such a cute little table.

It was pretty straight forward so I got right to work.

My house is an insane mess at present! I still have my old dining table set up (as you can see in the background) as a sewing table. I honestly don't have anywhere else to put it and I have to have it for work right now. So, for now it's in the middle of my living room.

This was the table I drew inspiration from. I LOVE this table!

Without going into too many details, the striping didn't go quite as planned and there was a lot of me using a tiny detail brush to correct what the tape pulled off. Never having had that happen before I was shocked. I have a good system and have striped many pieces now...first one ever to pull off paint when I removed the tape. Oh well, she wanted it lightly distressed then so I sanded and sanded.

I think this is such a cute little table. I love that the inside of those curvy little legs are the color of the stripes.

I love the distressed stripes and edges, making it look loved and worn in.

But mostly, I just love it when my clients love what I bring them. It makes me smile every single time. Shauna didn't even seem to mind that my daughter danced around her house in a tiger tutu during the delivery.
So proud to have another satisfied client and another project under my belt.

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