Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jealous of Another Client

Sometimes there are great pieces of furniture that come through Peacock Door Designs and I wish (oh how I wish) that the were mine. My daughter apparently shares my love because every time she walked past this piece she stroked it. Then the last time she was touching it, she turned and said, "Mama, do you think we can trade your client my new desk for this vanity? I just love it SOOOOO much!"
I hated to break her sweet heart, but I knew that wasn't going to happen. It makes me smile that she already has the love of furniture.

This is a cell phone picture (taken by the client) of the piece before:

The Vanity Base

The Vanity Mirror

In this picture you can see that my living room was overtaken by furniture. At this point there were actually 5 pieces in this room that do not belong to me. I call it my furniture factory.

It was shabby chic time around here. Here is what the piece looks like now.

The piece came to me with a mirror broken out - they will have another one made for it soon.

The detail on this piece is incredible! The little foot is so whimsical and I just adore it!

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  1. That is one gorgeous looking vanity - and you made it even more so - I can understand why your daughter wanted it!!!
    Beautiful job!