Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Chandelier

When I did this post, I thought this would all come together much more quickly. But, when you have to wait for something to ship from England you really shouldn't get your hopes up. 

It started out as a dream for a wooden chandelier. Then it morphed into finding something more affordable that I could live with. Then I fell in love with an antique brass chandelier. But, when I saw this it all came together for me.

Now all I had to do was find the chandelier. That's usually the hardest part, but I lucked out completely and found one not even a month after I had made up my mind.

Then I got to work. Painting, laughing at my dogs, and ordering crystals.

Slate the guard Great Dane

They just couldn't understand why I was inside their space or why I locked them out of it.

I painted it quickly, hung it quickly, and had ordered the crystals before I did any of that, and the crystals took forever to get here. None of them making it here by their stated arrival dates.

So I definitely did a jig or two when the last one came in today. I also smile constantly when I see the completed chandelier in my space. I'm in love with this!!!

It just makes me smile.

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