Thursday, January 24, 2013

Inspiration and Ideas

We all know I adore Sarah Richardson. I believe my husband would call it something more like "sick obsession" - but I like to think I'm not that weird. Back in 2010 when she was doing Sarah's House 3 (her farmhouse) I decided she was the best designer on the planet. She was doing everything I liked style wise, pulling it together beautifully, and opening my eyes to new ideas. I could live in her farmhouse quite happily forever! But there were a few things that struck me more than others, and the chandelier she used in the dining room was one of those things. I HAD to have one of those suckers!!!

It was wooden and completely perfect. Here in West Texas though I couldn't find one. Looked everywhere and nothing. Started looking online and found some in the $1000+ range and knew I should probably set myself a new goal. I would always pine for it, but I needed to find something else.

Then walking through our local Parade of Homes that summer what did I see? Beautiful wood chandeliers everywhere!!!

Horrible pictures taken very quickly with my phone...sorry. But, I had to have one. 

Come to find out those cost just as much. So, I went back to my other plan of trying to find a vintage one that was more in my budget. Did I mention this was in 2010?

Then in 2011 I started following an awesome blog Little Green Notebook by Jenny Komenda. She's completely awesome. She has more contemporary design style than I do, but everything about her blog and work makes me happy.

She did this to a bargain find chandelier

...yeah, pretty awesome. I love the little round bulbs and the simplicity of this in her contemporary space. It's perfection. For my space I was thinking to "fancify" things a bit. So I hit google up and typed in chandelier makeovers and came up with a bunch of great inspiration.

Lots of fun ideas! All I needed now was a chandelier.
Then a friend called and wanted to go to a couple of estate sales together. 

We found this:

So I snatched that baby up fast! Can't wait to show it off soon - here's to many more inspirations and ideas.

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