Monday, January 28, 2013

Lampshade Embellishment

We all make mistakes from time to time. I tend to make large ones and even when I'm doing them and feel a tad iffy, I tend to power through and see what it looks like in the end. Sometimes I surprise myself and other times I have regret. This lampshade was one such regretful moment.

I love the burlap I used and I do love the chocolate burlap ribbon as well...just not on the lampshade. I even told myself it wasn't so bad and would grow on me. It did not
So one day when I couldn't stand to look at it anymore, I decided to rip off the chocolate burlap ribbon. I crossed my fingers and my toes and hoped that it wouldn't ruin the burlap I had already put on the plain white shade or the shade itself. 

It worked! Then I got sick. Then the day I was going to pick up supplies to make the new ruffles, my mother passed away...The lamp sat unfinished for a while. I finally got up my courage to go back to the fabric store and then mustered up more to use my mothers sewing machine to make them. The ruffles weren't all that 'fun' to me anymore. It was just something to check off a list of things to do - to keep busy.

But now, I look at them and smile. The new makeover is fabulous and I loved it the minute they were in place. 

The texture makes me happy. 

This little dude is the reason the TV is on and visible in the mirrors and why there are toys under the couch. He makes me smile a bit too ;)

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