Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jade's New Desk

Yes yes, I know! I've already done a desk for my daughter. The only problem was, as much as I loved that table with the most fabulous legs ever: it was just a table not an actual desk with storage. We've also established that I have super messy children. A desk without storage is actually a really silly thing to have in Jade's room - she is the messiest of them all!
Enter a HUGE blessing. An offering of furniture and among it all was this desk. I HAD to have it for Jade.

So cute and it had storage. It wasn't objectionable in it's current state, but it wasn't really Jade enough either. I got this piece right before Christmas and knew I wouldn't have any time to work on it until after the New Year so I just moved it into place to see how all the furniture arranging would go.

Last weekend I pulled out the paints and got busy!

Purple is Jade's favorite color. I also decided to leave the hardware as is. I think it works well with this piece and her room.

She has a slight obsession with Selena Gomez right now...

...and her new guitar that she got for Christmas.

I also decided to paint her chair again. I thought I loved this chair purple until I saw it blue.

Oh so pretty it makes my heart beat fast :) I now LOVE this chair!

On to the next project...

*the table with the fabulous legs is still in her room. I will NEVER let that piece go!

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