Thursday, January 3, 2013

Accessories for A Boy's Room

I've been working to make my kids rooms nice for what feels like forever now. It's like it always is with any space, you get almost to the finish point and either have a new idea or you start tweaking things. At least that's what I do, I don't think my spaces will ever be FINISHED. They are all ongoing, changing as I find flaws with functionality or anything else.
I will say that I LOVE my son's room. I think he probably has my favorite room in the house. I often feel that I was born patriotic and I now realize I passed that on to my son. He's crazy proud of the country we live in and even more proud to be a Texan ;)
That's my boy!!!
So when I asked him what colors he wanted in his room it was a very fast answer: "Red, White, and Blue please mama."
So I got busy. You've seen his chair, his chest, and his cabinet and there will be more furniture to reveal soon, but now it's time to show off some accessories.

A pin board
I got a large cork board from Hobby Lobby and some antique brass upholstery nail heads. I covered the cork in batting and an old grain sack with a faint red graphic. I stapled it tight to the back side and then added the nail heads around the edge on the front for a decorative detail. I then added some hangers on the back so I could hang this over his desk. This literally took 10 minutes. So fast and easy.

Of course he put his angry birds drawings on it immediately.

Next we have a lampshade to deal with. Well, first we had a lamp to deal with!

The lamp was a tad under-scaled. It was his nursery lamp. Bless the boy he had been living with this lamp for 8 years before it dawned on me it was too small. I'm dense sometimes. In with the new lamp

With the most boring lampshade ever! So I busted out the painters tape and paint that I used in his room and got busy.

Step one was red...then letting it dry, which I hate. I get antsy and just want things finished, but this required patience.

Next came blue

And last was a thin chocolate stripe. Now he has a custom lampshade and he loves it. His room is almost at the finish line now. There is some fun stuff coming up for him this Spring and I can't wait to reveal all!

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