Monday, January 21, 2013

My Grandmothers Chair

I LOVE this chair. This chair was in the middle bedroom of my Grandmothers house during my childhood. That bedroom was my favorite. I loved the log cabin quilt that she had made that covered the bed. I loved all of the beautiful wood furniture that was in that room. I loved that the room always had a specific smell from the eucalyptus she had in a wash basin pitcher. But, when it came time for my grandmother to move into assisted living, I was still young and didn't realize I could ask for things like furniture. I asked for all of her clocks instead...and milk glass. I love those things for sure - especially the milk glass, but I'm so super jealous that my sister got the front bedroom furniture and the chair from the middle bedroom.
This chair was first reupholstered by my grandmother. Then when my sister got it she put a mauve fabric on it. I couldn't find a picture of that phase. Then she decided to recover it again. really just didn't turn out so good.

In her defense, she hadn't ever had to replace webbing and foam before. The webbing had been shot for a while and she didn't replace it. Then instead of using foam she tried to make the cushion out of batting. The wood is crazy old and somewhat brittle so she also had trouble with the nail head trim. This really isn't a chair you should start learning how to do upholstery on. It takes a little knowledge. I had not seen the chair in this condition until Thanksgiving when she brought it down for me to redo.

Shot webbing for sure.

My grandmother had used old tweed fabric cut into strips to make the webbing. She was a genius at using what she could and getting the most out of everything. She had to because they really didn't have much. But, it was time to replace all of that now. Time to get to work!

Yes, I usually work in full jewelry while wearing suede's either that or pajamas. One extreme to the other, but that's how I am.

Re-webbed seat. Oh so much better! 
Now this is where my sister and I differ quite a bit. I probably would have painted this in some beautiful creamy milk paint like Miss Mustard Seed's Ironstone and then covered it in a grain sack. But, that's my style not hers and it is her chair...yep still jealous! 
Her fabric choice matches other things in her bedroom in Colorado so it looks beautiful where it is. 

Don't you love all the Christmas mess in the background?

The finished chair.

I even had difficulty with the nail heads. The wood kept breaking loose. I'm so sad, this is the last time this chair can be reupholstered. It's done. When it craters this time it will be time to bid it farewell. It is now super comfortable and looks so much more appealing than before. I love that you can see the lines of the chair now. The lines are fabulous.
My sister adores it and was so impressed by the difference in comfort. I'm glad she loves her Christmas present - that makes me happy.
Now, it's on to the next project!

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