Friday, January 18, 2013

Something I Adore

Headboards are the statement piece of any bedroom, but most especially in the master bedroom. Ours isn't bad really, it's a good quality metal headboard. My issue is, that it's the headboard I bought for my first apartment when I was in college and it's a tad "modern" looking for my taste. 

When Brandon and I were first together we both really loved the clean lines, metal and glass, open storage look so it fit right in! It didn't take us long to realize that look wasn't for us at all. When I realized that I was the one that was going to be picking up after the entire household, open shelving-clean line-modern looking stuff started giving me hives. 

Suddenly I wanted more traditional pieces of furniture and I wanted EVERYTHING to close. I didn't want to see anything anymore. I went that direction everywhere, including the master bedroom. First it was adding built-in storage...which I still have not blogged about, then it was buying mirrored nightstands with closed storage, and next came the desk. With all of these pieces so traditional, the headboard looks really out of place and well, kind of dinky!

Not bad...just a little blah

At first I was thinking upholstered headboards because I LOVE them! But, I change my mind a lot and I would hate to have to reupholster an entire headboard every time. Even if it was neutral there would be a chance it wouldn't go with a new scheme I picked. Enter Pinterest. I wanted wood so I was going to research my options. I found these lovelies 

Probably one of my favorite things ever! 
I never could find a link that took me to the source for this photo - if anyone knows give me a shout out so we can give credit where it is due!

So pretty - love the detail

I'm a girl that loves some good architectural salvage.

I also found several websites that show you how to make a headboard out of old and new doors or from scratch. I was thinking from scratch. Then I went shopping for something else one day and saw this...

It's a window fragment and it folds! It has hinges in the middle and when it is straightened out it would be the perfect queen headboard. It's a tad pricey for my budget, but I dream of it. I'm hoping I can convince my husband that it would be worth it. But for now it's just something I adore...and wish for ;)

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